Dawson photography alumni display their work

by Joseph Ste. Marie

photo: Joseph Ste. Marie

Last week, for the first time in a long time, Dawson College’s Professional Photography Department held an all alumni exhibition at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery.  When asking some of the teachers of the photography program who attended the Vernissage that was held on the Jan. 26 when the last alumni show was held, none of them could remember when the last time an alumni show was curated.

The main architect of the show was Photography teacher Don Corman, who with assistance from the second year students put together the exhibition.

“I thought it would be a good idea for (photography) students to see what students do when they graduate” Said Corman.
Among the alumni involved in the exhibition was Max Abadian, who has gone on to work with numerous clients including Roots, Reitmans, Le Chateau, La Senza, Buffalo Jeans and In Style. Abadian has also photographed celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Lady GaGa, Fergie, Keira Knightly, Jeff Goldblum and Alicia Keys.

 In addition to Abadian was Simon Duhamel whose style includes illustrations inspired by pop culture and has co-started his own business, Made of Stills, which includes shooting stop motion videos.  The exhibition also includes current fashion photographers Lily And Lilac, Fine Arts photographer Dita Kubin, Will Lew, Marie-Claude Hamel, Jocelyn Michel, David Curleigh and current teacher of the AEC photography program, Patrizia Castiglione.

Most of the work on display mostly had a concentration on fashion photography, except for Jocelyn Michel, Marie-Claude Hamel, Simon Duhamel and Dita Kubin whose respective works concentrated on the Fine Arts aspect of photography.
Part of the display included a small LCD screen featuring some of the alumni’s videos which take the viewers behind the scenes of their photoshoots.

Corman believes this exhibit to be important in celebrating the success of former photography students saying, “Every one of these students here has gone on and graduated and actually done something in photography”.

 The exhibit celebrated those few people who have continued on to become working photographers in a competitive field where many have quit and eventually lost interest due to lack of success. Being in photography is not an easy profession, but these nine photographers made it work, and have come full circle to show current photography students and their former teachers that hard work can eventually lead to success.


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