Picasso painting destroyed

‘The Actor’ accidentally torn by a woman at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

by Bianca Brais

The $130 million dollar Picasso painting, ‘The Actor’, was ripped on January 24, 2010 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art because an woman attending her art class accidentally lost her balance and fell into the painting.

The six-by-four foot canvas was ripped in the lower right hand corner. BBC news explained that the vertical tear was six inches long. Museum officials said the art piece was taken to the Met’s conservation studio right after the accident, where experts took care of the damage.

“The damage did not occur in the focal point of the composition,” a statement released by the Met on Sunday afternoon said, which was reported by the New York Times. Apart from the art student being a woman, her identity remains anonymous. It is known however that she was not injured in the fall. 

The painting is expected to be repaired by April 27 in time for “Picasso in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition” which will showcase all of Picasso’s work from his collection.

Painted on a canvas which was already used, The Actor is a painting about an acrobat’s dramatic pose against an abstract background.  Picasso painted this picture in the 1904-1905 during the Rose Period and was donated to the Met in 1952 by Thelma Chrysler. 


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