Graduating students are back and ready to coach

CCAA helps up-and-coming coaches develop their skills

by Bianca Brais

The Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) has created a female apprenticeship coaching program in order to help graduating female student athletes experience coaching CCAA National Championship sports.

After playing for the Dawson Blues Women’s Basketball team for three years, Natasha Eadie was one of the recipients for the Apprentice Coach Program. 

After graduating from college, Eadie, a former Dawson student and Blues basketball player, moved on to play at the University of PEI and Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia.

The CCAA explains that, “the program is based upon the matching of an apprentice coach (graduating female student-athlete) with a mentor coach (qualified CCAA head coach).” The structure of the program not only helps the coaches, but also gives the apprentice coaching experience that will help them succeed in the future. 

“I’m learning a lot from the coaches, they definitely know more than I do,” said Eadie about her mentor coach Trevor Williams. In 1981, Williams started playing basketball at Dawson College, winning the CCAA National Championships.

“So far, so good! I learn something new every day,” said Eadie, who has high hopes for the women’s AAA basketball team this year. 

“As of right now, it’s to be consistent in working hard,” she said.

The program offers many opportunities for female athletes to coach National Championship sports while offering a great deal of experience in the process.  

The Apprentice Coach Program is offered throughout many provinces such as British Columbia. The positions offered to the apprentice coaches are not limited to just basketball, as they vary from soccer, volleyball, badminton, golf and cross country running.

Basketball is the sport Eadie’s always enjoyed. Before being part of the Apprentice Coach Program, Eadie spent years coaching a variety of different age groups and is eager to coach college players.

In the future, Eadie’s dream would be to become a head coach for a college or university organization.

 “My goals after the apprenticeship would be to try coaching at University. That’s my plan.”

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