Dawson’s A team remains undefeated after close scare at home

Blues sneak past Sainte-Hyacinthe to keep perfect season alive

by Jamie Floyd

The Dawson Blues Men’s A basketball team overcame a surprisingly close game last Sunday, and thanks to a timely free throw, defeated Saint-Hyacinthe’s Lauréats at home 47-46.

The Blues got off to a rocky start, which only continued as the game progressed and ultimately until the game’s final points were scored.

 A lack of concentration and focus were evident, as the Blues missed multiple open shots, lacked a defensive presence and were simply unable to score, which was similar to Saint-Hyacinthe. 

The first quarter ended with a score of 8-8, which as one angry spectator suggested, was probably due to it being a Sunday morning. 

Although the men seemed more focused, the second quarter did not seem like much of an improvement over the first. 
For the most part, the Blues were still unable to score, which was evident as the Blues were playing in their closest match of the season.

 After beginning their season against the Lauréats and winning by 17-points, both teams have yet to lose a game. 
“If there was a game that [we] were going to lose, it would have been this game,” said head coach Andy Jack. 
As the game progressed, the Blues gradually gained momentum, with Terry Ngala, Bryan Prado and Jimmy Salami leading the offensive charge. 

Fouls aside, The Blues were playing with much more consistency, with the exception of a ridiculous full court pass that resulted in a sloppy turnover. 

Down nine points entering the final quarter of play, The Blues needed to start playing catch up. Dawson played aggressively on offense and knew what had to be done to secure the victory. 

This new spurt of energy worked to their advantage, as Dawson went on a 9-0 run that destroyed the other team’s momentum. The Blues finally reached a one-point lead late in the quarter, and thanks to several missed shots from The Lauréats, were able to seal the game with a clutch free throw.

“This is the game that I wanted the team to have…. We are not satisfied with the way we won,” said Ngala, a second semester Mechanical Engineering student, looking visibly worn out. 

“Were going to work on everything for the next game. We have to really push it,” said head coach Jack. 


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