Dawson bug crashes system

Dawson attempts new system for Winter 2010 registration

by Melina Giubilaro

Last Monday, a countless number of Dawson students were waiting hours in line in front of Oliver’s, hoping to fix their Winter 2010 schedules, blaming the defective new registration system.

The problem appeared to be that the new system had several programs running at the same time. Among them were CLARA the advisor screen, which contains file information and student grades and My Dawson Omnivox, which is the program students see and use while registering.

“Dawson decided to implement this new service but the system had bugs galore! I worked for the help line for a year now and this semester didn’t have enough English, Complementary or Gym classes to offer the students. It was a mess!” first year Illustration & Design, student and Help-line operator, Samantha Hackel-Butt said.

“The registration offered me classes that I don’t even have prerequisites in,” said Amanda Campanelli, second semester, Social Science student. “I’m in German 4 and I don’t know one word of German. I’m pissed off and annoyed because I have to wait in line and pay $20 when it’s not even my fault.”

 Since there was no way of fixing the software bugs in time for students to be able to register properly, students were left with one option, according to Hackel-Butt: if you have a course keep it unless it’s something you do not want then drop it. If you’re part of a graduating class and are not able to graduate in time, it is recommended you take a summer semester.

“I was confused,” explained Amanda Lepore, second semester, Social Science student. “I had to put in my prerequisite courses myself which I wasn’t aware of and even after that worked, the system told me I was not eligible in choosing those courses. I had no choice but to choose any course that fitted with my schedule.”

“I heard the online registration will be functioning in 2011. I think the college doesn’t provide enough classes for the students. The best thing for students to do is as soon as they get their registration time they should do their schedule,” Hackel-Butt said, while many Dawson students remain flustered by the situation.


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