Club pep! rally

Clubs discuss their budgets, Haiti, and go bowling

by Tyler Finigan

Club executives attended the semester’s first meeting held by the Dawson Student Union (DSU) on January 27, 2010 to discuss club spending and Dawson’s efforts to help Haiti.

“There are 27 clubs with a $200-$400 budget,” Carl Perks, DSU President, said. The meeting was organized to encourage these student organizations to spend their yearly budgets, as, last semester, the combined total of money spent by clubs neared $2,500, $17,500 less than their allotted funds for the academic school year, according to Perks. 

The meeting was organized to promote club activity in reaction to last semester’s “quiet period”, Dawson’s clubs are eager to move forward into the new semester and encourage more students to join.

“Everyone is welcomed to join,” the President of the Utopia Club said.

Club executives were then introduced to the DSU’s new Student Life Assistant, Vijay Krishnan. Krishnan led the proceedings by stating his aspirations for this term.

“I want the Clubs to use their budgets as well as be very active this semester,” Krishnan said.

The meeting then changed focus to Dawson’s efforts towards Haiti. Ideas to fundraise were suggested by Club representatives.

“We could set up couches in the atrium and approach students who choose to sit down and ask them for donations,” Flint Deita, Chill Club President said. It was apparent that the topic of helping Haiti was very popular among those who attended the meeting and for some it was more personal.

“Being an immigrant myself,” said Krishnan, “I can relate to what it feels like to need. It means a lot for me to give to Haiti.”

Finally before the meeting was adjourned, Mathieu Perron, DSU Executive Director, took the time to make comment on a flash mob contest involving Dawson’s clubs.

After the meeting, all those who attended were treated to a night out bowling by the DSU and were given a chance to get to know each other better so that this semester can be a more collective and active one.


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