Cheap eats around Dawson

Dawson’s resident Brit explores cheap Montreal eateries

by Carl Perks


Stop eating at Thai express and Mc Donald’s on your lunch breaks! Cease torturing your taste buds. Give your colon and liver a break and eat somewhere cheap that won’t slowly sap your soul. For the first week of this column, here are some suggestions that will tickle your tongue and leave change in your pockets.

Access Asia:
Though its name has serious appeal issues and the take out is slower than reforestation, this little restaurant finds its own place in the taste of the food. This healthy little option is not the closest to Dawson (4 minutes walk from McGill metro station) but it’s the most appetizing oriental meal I know downtown that you can easily fit under ten dollars. The pad thai is savoury and I respectfully recommend massaman curry. Enjoy the food but beware of the slow unilingual service.
Location: 904, Sherbrooke west. ( McGill)
Phone: 514-842-5381
Ever wondered what that other passageway in the Atwater metro station lead to? (The one that doesn’t end up in Alexis neon or Dawson). If you follow it, you’ll walk into Westmount square, where you will find Pizzamore. With a heart-warming staff and a wide selection of gourmet pizzas, this little haven is full of culinary excitement. Though it’s only seating is the Westmount square food court, Pizzamore’s low price and proximity to Dawson make it your best bet for a quick, scrumptious Italian lunch between classes. I recommend the potato and onion pizza and the daily pasta. The second has brought constant joy to my life.
Location: 1, Westount square ( Atwater)
Phone: 514-932-9811


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