Bad attention for Harper

Canadians rally against Stephen Harper’s political decisions

by Hani Kaddah

On December 30, 2009, Stephen Harper announced that he will be proroguing parliament the second time in one year.

Proroguing ceases parliamentary activity, and sends the representative that Canadians voted in to the house of common back home. All un-passed bills are now non-existent.

“Prime Ministers may usually prorogue parliament once all bills have been settled or in the case of a national emergency,” said Mathieu Perron, Executive Director of the Dawson Student Union (DSU). This is not the case for both decisions made by Stephan Harper to prorogue parliament.

A Facebook group was created rallying against Stephan Harper’s decision almost instantaneously, by Christopher White. The group is called Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP).

The group currently holds 220,000 members. From that Facebook group, rallies were organized across the country to protest against Stephan Harper, which took place in over 35 communities across Canada on January 23, 2010.

Perron actively sought to organize the rally in the Montreal area.

“A lot of people dismissed the Facebook group as a form of slacktivism; however it ended up being a rallying point for Canadians to organize to have their voices heard,” Perron said.

“The objective was to get the message of how undemocratic Stephan Harper’s politics are,” said Perron. “Mr. Harper went down 15 points in 15 days.  That is unheard of.. Canadians have successfully voiced out their discontent with how he runs our country.”

Leaders such as Gilles Duceppe from the Bloc Quebecois, Marc Garneau from the Liberal Party and Thomas Mulcair from the New Democratic Party were present at the rally in Montreal, all of whom were denouncing Harper’s undemocratic decision to halt parliamentary session. 

“In this day and age, people are connected more than ever. It is now easy to share ideas and to have our voices heard. It has never been so crucial and possible for Canadians to stand united and not let some king determine what it means to be Canadian,” Perron said.

“It is unfair that all unsigned bills are now all out the window,” graduating Social Science student Jennifer Lupien said.

photo: Mathieu Perron


Students looking to join the fight against Stephen Harper can do so by joining the Facebook group. There are various ways the group suggests to express your concerns.

Student may also drop by the DSU office in 2F.2 and discuss with its Executives to see how they can actively take part of the fight.


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