Online protesting

Dawson Student Union organizes peaceful demonstration

by Brian Lupuz

After almost a year of campaigning for an online course change system, the Dawson Student Union (DSU) sat in protest in front of the office of the Dean of Academic Systems, Paul Pemberton.

On Friday, January 22, the DSU held a peaceful protest at the end of the 2D hallways.

Approximately 15 people were present, demanding a written response about an online course change system from Registrariat.

The protest began as the small group of students and DSU staff walked down the 2C hallway where other students were waiting in line to drop or change their courses. As the protesters were walking down the hall, some students cheered in support as they read the DSU’s signs.

Some read “Let’s make course change history,” and others “Can I haz interwebz,” referring to the desire of an online course change system.

“The request is not unreasonable. There have been a number of people in the college who look at the [course change] line and see that it’s wrong,” Raymond Boucher, Director of Student Services, said.

The small group then decided to make camp in front of the Registrariat. The Deans appeared to be unhappy as the group approached the end of the 2D hallway. Pemberton briefly spoke to Mathieu Perron, the DSU Executive Secretary, expressing his discontent at the fact that the petitions were given to the Director General and not to himself.

“The sit-in was a response to the administration ignoring the petition of 4,500 signatures demanding online course change,” DSU Executive Secretary Christopher Monette said.

At the end of the event, the Dean invited Monette and DSU President Carl Perks to his office.

“I’m very happy that the students are seeing progress,” Monette said.

Perks and Monette were told that Dawson College would have an online course change system by Winter 2011.

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