Dawson relief

Dawson aids in Haiti relief with the Red Cross

by: Despina Doukas

In reaction to the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday, January 13, 2010, the world has banded together to provide relief for the nation, and Dawson College is no exception.

With the start of semester just one week after the catastrophic earthquake, Dawson College put together a fund collection in affiliation with the Red Cross in order to provide relief to the victims of the earthquake.

According to Donna Varrica of Public Relations at Dawson, the college has not been affiliated with the Red Cross directly in past fundraisers.

“We had to choose one organization to donate to since there is such a need for funds in Haiti. We wanted to make sure that if this money was going to be given in Dawson’s name that the money was going to a legitimate organization” said Varrica. “The Red Cross is a well-known, reliable organization that has been around for decades. We trust it and we know that all our donations will be used where it is needed most and for the right reasons.”

Although the donations boxes are still located at the Information Desk in the Upper Atrium as well as in 4A.1 a deadline will most likely be placed as to when the students will no longer be able to donate to the Red Cross via Dawson College.

“We want to put a deadline it terms of how long students can donate their money. We are doing this in order to remind students that relief in Haiti is needed right away, and that their donations need to go to Haiti where it is needed the most as soon as possible. We do not want to keep the money that is needed in our donation boxes forever. So the deadline will probably be around the second week of February,” Varrica said.

In addition to the donation boxes which have been set up to collect funds for the Red Cross, many students with their programs and with the help of Student Services have held various fundraisers around campus to add to the donations.

Katia Shannon, a fourth semester Cinema, Video and Communications student, helped organize a unique fundraiser in the Upper Atrium this past Friday. With the help of fellow students, and in affiliation with Sun Youth Quebec, a clothing drive was organized where students can donate old clothes they no longer needed. All the donations will go to the Canadian Red Cross, who will greet Haitian refugees at Trudeau airport with the clothing.

“I am personally affected by the earthquake in Haiti because my mom was there,” explained Shannon. “She is the director of World Vision Quebec so she went to Haiti a day after the earthquake to help the people there.” Shannon was pleased with the response received all day from Dawson students.

“The tables are full of clothes!” Shannon exclaimed.

“Dawson’s efforts are great. What Haiti needs right now is money and clothes, and that is what we are giving, that’s why all this is so great” said Julie, second semester Pure and Applied Science student.

According to CNN an estimated 150,000 victims lost their lives in the earthquake and an overall 3 million people were affected by the natural disaster including one and a half million people who are left homeless.



Anyone wishing to make a donation can drop off money in the Director General’s office area in Room 4A.1 or the centrally located Information Booth in the Atrium. All funds collected will go directly to The Canadian Red Cross.

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