Alternative Radio

Dawson’s student radio is currently undergoing big changes

by Alessia Faustini

CIXS: The Edge, Dawson’s official radio station, which is broadcasted throughout the school, is undergoing major restructuring under new management after years of what some call “disorderly and unprofessional administration.” 

“The past three semesters, the station has been going through many executive changes. Before, [it] has garnered a reputation for being only for metal heads,” said Daniel Dahlberg, Station Manager. “[Our] goal is to make it more professional and to offer more incentive to the entire student population to join CIXS.” 

Apart from administrative changes within the club, even the club space itself is being updated. The DJ booth, offices and hangout space are all in the process of being refurbished. New equipment including four new microphones and new mixers, soundboards and IPOD mixers have been purchased. 

There is now a web cam which streams live during all radio shows, broadcasting online everyday from 9:00 to 5:30. As a result, the station now has listeners accessing the live feed in Norway, Finland and Spain, among other countries, making CIXS: The Edge one of Dawson’s most far-reaching organizations.

Every semester, DJs, both returning and aspiring, must go through an interview process in order to acquire a position at the radio station.  This semester, however, Dalhberg asserts that the process will be entirely different. Whereas in previous semesters, the initiation procedure included hazing and intimidation, there will be a more methodical approach this time around.

With the old method, most DJ applicants were “crazy people who were actually willing to go through the hazing process, instead of serious professionals. Those aren’t the people we are looking for anymore,” Dahlberg said.

“[We’re] looking for people with good radio personalities, and good business personalities who understand the responsibilities and take them seriously,” said Andrew Kephalidis, CIXS News Director and DJ who is also part of the selection process for perspective DJs. “We want people who could talk, who have things to say, people who know how to express themselves.”

Last semester was the most inconsistent for CIXS broadcast shows. Despite over 25 DJs being on staff, many wouldn’t show up to their respective time slots, resulting in dead air. In addition, there was mass frustration with the radio station since when music was being aired it was mostly metal. 

For the Winter 2010 semester measures are being taken by CIXS Executives to provide a more varied selection of music that would appeal to the entire student population, since the radio station is broadcasted in many locations throughout the school including Conrod’s, the atrium cafeteria, the third floor cafeteria, in every club space and even in select teachers’ offices.

“[Dawson students] are very intimidated by us. We have this legacy of being a drug corner. People still come by looking for weed,” said Dahlberg. “Its hard to erase the image we held for such a long time.”  Nonetheless, CIXS is working towards becoming more professional and accessible to the Dawson masses.

“It’s more official, we’re under new management so everyone has to step up,” Kephalidis said.

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